Monday, 15 September 2014

How To Repair No Internet Access Problem

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Hello Friends, Today I am Going to share how i repair No Internet Access Problem on my Pc when I am Trying to connect the wifi/broadband .

This Problem occurs when you trying to connect the internet but it shows "No Internet Access".
So, How to Repair It.? Just Follow My Steps :

1. Click on that icon.

2. Click on Open Network and Sharing Center

3. After that Click on the Local Area Connection

4. A pop-up window will appear. On the Pop-up window click on "Disable" Button.

5. Now You will See Like This.

6. Click on the cross icon.

7.  Now Again a pop-up window will appear. On the Pop-up window click on "Try these repairs as an adminitrator"

8. Click on the close button. Now You're Done.

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Hello Friends, Are You Suffering From This Error??
That had appeared on many person's websites/Blogs. Even my blog was a victim of that. When anyone enters the affected website/Blog, a box will appear(as shown in the picture) about some error that asking for entering a username and password. So this can be a large issue for your website/blog and the main thing is that this error can be cause a huge decline in your website/Blog traffic, Because many people will be afraid by seeing those boxes and they will stop visiting your website/blog if the problem persists.

Why This Error Occurs ?

This error occurs when any script got deleted. This script will be hosted by other persons and when they remove those scripts, we are suffering if we were using those scripts on our website.

Now I Going To Show You How I Fixed This Error.
To Fix This Error Follow My Steps :

  • Go to blogger.
  • Go to the template tab.
  • Find the script used by that address [ eg:- ].
  • It will be like <script src="" /> [scriptcode varies according to the link ]
  • Delete that script.
  • Save your template.
If you can't find the address [ eg:- ] On template tab then try finding the address on the Layout tap (HTML/JavaScript). After that delete that script and save.

And If you are using any other website services, please follow these steps :

  • Find the source code of your website.
  • Find that script used by that address.
  • Delete that script.
  • Save.
  • You are done.
To avoid this problem, it would be better if you host the code yourself.
You also can make a script its very easily on Yourjavascript and Google Code .

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Top 10 Windows 8 tips and tricks

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Hello guys, I'm the new author of the blog, to start, I'll bring some tips for windows 8, a new operating system very useful and very selected worldwide.

Looking for games?? you're in the right place click to be redirected to the Total Games

Customize your tiles

Windows 8 tilesMake the most of your Windows Start screen tiles by adjusting the sizes, where they are located, and what is listed.
  • Move any tile by clicking and dragging the tile. While moving a tile, if you need a larger view of the Start screen move the tile towards the top or bottom of the screen to zoom out.
  • Use your mouse wheel to scroll left-to-right through your tiles.
  • Any Desktop shortcut or program can be pinned to the Start screen by right-clicking the icon and choosing Pin to Start.
  • In the bottom right-hand corner of the start screen is a magnifying glass with tiles, click this icon to get a zoomed out view of your Start screen. In this view, if you right-click on a group of tiles you'll be given the option to name group, which can be useful if you have a group of related tiles (e.g. games). In this view, you can also click and drag a group to organize your tile groups.
  • Create a new speed bump between tile groups by moving a tile to a speed bump.
  • Resize any User tile or Live tile by right-clicking the tile and choosing resize.
  • If there is a tile you want on your Taskbar, right-click the tile and choose Pin to taskbar.
  • Show admin applications on the Start screen by clicking Settings in Charms, click Settings, and change the Show administrative tools from No to Yes.
  • In Internet Explorer 10, you can also pin any of your favorite web pages to your Start Screen.

Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

Knowing at least some of the Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts will make your Windows 8 experience much more enjoyable. Try to memorize these top Windows 8 shortcut keys.
  • Press the Windows key to open the Start screen or switch to the Desktop (if open).
  • Press the Windows key + D will open the Windows Desktop.
  • Press the Windows key + . to pin and unpin Windows apps on the side of the screen.
  • Press the Windows key + X to open the power user menu, which gives you access to many of the features most power users would want (e.g. Device Manager and Command Prompt).
  • Press the Windows key + C to open the Charms.
  • Press the Windows key + I to open the Settings, which is the same Settings found in Charms.
  • Press and hold the Windows key + Tab to show open apps.
  • Press the Windows key + Print screen to create a screen shot, which is automatically saved into your My Pictures folder.
See our Windows shortcuts page for a full listing of all Windows shortcuts.

Know your hot corners

The corners on your screen are hot corners and give you access to different Windows features. Below, is a brief explanation of each of these corners.
Bottom Left-hand corner
The bottom left-hand hot corner of the screen will allow you to access the Start screen, if you're in the Start screen and have the Desktop open, this corner will open the Desktop from the Start screen.
Tip: Right-clicking in the left hand corner will open the power user menu.
Top-left corner of the screen
Moving the mouse to the top-left corner and then down will display all the apps running on the computer. Clicking and dragging any of these apps to the left or right-hand side of the screen will snap that app to that side of the screen. Each of these open app icons can also be right-clicked to close or snap.
Right-hand side of the screen
On the full right-hand side of the screen will be given access to the Windows Charms.

Taking advantage of search

The Search in Windows 8 has been significantly improved when compared to all previous versions of Windows. To search for a file or run a program in Windows 8 from the Start screen just start typing what you're trying to find or want to run.
As you begin typing, the results will start appearing on the left-hand side. In addition to being able to search for files and run programs, the Search also supports limiting the search to apps such as Finance, People, Maps, Photos, Mail, Music, Videos, Weather, and much more. If what you are searching for is not a file or program, click on the app you wish to use as the search. For example, if you were searching for "New York" and selected the Weather App you would be shown the weather in New York, NY.
By default, Search organizes the available Apps by how frequently they are used and then in alphabetical order. If you want to keep your favorite app at the top of the Search list, right-click the app and choose Pin. Pinning the app will lock it in place regardless of how often it is used. If there is an app you don't want (e.g. Finance) you can turn on and off any of the search apps through the PC settings, which is found under the Settings in the Charms.
Bonus tip: The Search is also found through Charms and can also be opened by pressing Windows key + F.

Running two apps side by side

Any app can be pinned to the left or right-hand side of the screen. For example, open the People app and then press the Windows Key + . (period) to move that app to the right-hand side of the screen, pressing the same keys again will move it to the left-hand side, and pressing the same keys again will make it full screen. While an app is pinned, any other app or program can be opened and loaded into the available space on the screen. For example, in the below picture, we've opened a browser window and have the People app running to monitor our social networks.
Windows 8 People
Any open app can also be pinned using your mouse by clicking at the top of the tile and dragging it to the left or right-hand side of the screen.
Bonus tip: The Desktop can also be pinned to the left or right-hand side of the screen.
Note: In order for snap to work properly your resolution must be at least 1,366 x 768.

Windows 8 Task Manager

The Windows 8 Task Manager has been significantly improved over previous versions of Windows. Some of the new changes include showing a total percent usage at the top of your Processes, which makes it easier to determine total memory and CPU usage, improved Performance graphs, a Startup tab to see startup processes and their impact to system performance, and the App history tab (as shown below) that gives you the total resources an app has used over a period of time. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to start exploring the new Task Manager.
Windows 8 Task Manager

Use a picture password to log into your computer

Windows 8 includes a new feature called Picture password, which allows you to authenticate with the computer using a series of gestures that include circles, straight lines, and taps. Enable this feature if you want a new way to access your computer or have a hard time with passwords.
  1. Open the Windows Charms.
  2. Click Settings and then More PC settings
  3. In the PC settings window click Users and then select Create a picture password
Bonus tip: A four digit pin password can also be created and used to access your computer.

Take advantage of Windows 8 apps

Windows 8 comes included with several apps to help you get the most from your computer. Below are just a few of the included apps.
Microsoft touts the People feature in Windows 8 because they understand how many people are using social networks today. In the People feature you'll be able to connect your Windows computer to all the major social networks including FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter. Once connected, you can pin the people app and monitor your social network (as shown below), use People in Search to find people, and get an overview of what is happening in all your social networks.
Windows 8 People
The Reader app will give you PDF support right out of the box.
The SkyDrive app will give you access to the Microsoft cloud service SkyDrive, which allows you to store your photos, documents, and other files in the cloud and access or share those files with any computer with Internet access.
Take advantage of the Windows Store and install one or more of the thousands of available apps designed for Windows 8. The Store is found in the Start screen, or use Search to search the Store app for any apps that you are trying to find.

Know the answers to common questions

Windows 8 is the biggest change to Microsoft Windows since the introduction of Windows 95, which was released all the way back in 1995. Since so many people have grown up with Windows, it can be difficult to transition to a new way of doing things. Below, is a short list of the most common questions previous Windows users will have.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Did You Hate To Wait When Your Windows Is Shuting Down!!!!!!
Then....Yeah Im Sharing This Trick Only For You!!
Its Quite Easy....You Need To Do Just Follow The Steps Below:

To create a shutdown icon on your desktop do the following,
       1.  Right click anywhere on your desktop and select New > Shortcut

       2.  In the new window that opens Copy paste this command,
C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s -f -t 00

       3.  Click Next and Name it Shutdown as shown below 

       4.  You will get an icon as shown below,

Clicking this Icon will Shutdown your Windows Instantly. If you don’t like the Icon Image, you can customize it too. Do the following

       1.  Right Click on the shutdown Icon and select Properties a window will open as shown below,

       2.  Click Change Icon button and choose an Icon from those available,

You can also download an icon of your choice and save it to your local drive. To use an icon of your choice simply click the browse button and specify the path where you have saved the icon.

       3.  Your new Shutdown Icon will look like this,

Create A Restart Icon

Follow exactly all the steps discussed above to create a Restart Icon. You only need to add a different command for your Restart Icon. Here is the code for your Restart Icon,
C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -r -f -t 00
After selecting an icon image you will get this,

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

How TO Boost your computer's RAM in a second.

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Looking For Speed Up RAM?? Yeah Here You Can Learn How To Speed Up Your Computer RAM.
Just Follow This Steps :

Step One: Open up Notepad (it's in Accessories)

Step Two: Type in MYSTRING=(80000000)

Step Three: Save the file as MEMORY.VBE (or RAM.VBE if you like...just remember the .VBE)

Step Four: Make sure you save the file to your DESKTOP.

Step Five: Just double-click the newly created file on your desktop whenever your PC seems sluggish. It will give your RAM a much needed boost.

If you have less than 128mb of RAM (is that possible these days?) change the 80000000 to 160000000 and it should work the same.

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