Monday, 15 September 2014

Hello Friends, Are You Suffering From This Error??
That had appeared on many person's websites/Blogs. Even my blog was a victim of that. When anyone enters the affected website/Blog, a box will appear(as shown in the picture) about some error that asking for entering a username and password. So this can be a large issue for your website/blog and the main thing is that this error can be cause a huge decline in your website/Blog traffic, Because many people will be afraid by seeing those boxes and they will stop visiting your website/blog if the problem persists.

Why This Error Occurs ?

This error occurs when any script got deleted. This script will be hosted by other persons and when they remove those scripts, we are suffering if we were using those scripts on our website.

Now I Going To Show You How I Fixed This Error.
To Fix This Error Follow My Steps :

  • Go to blogger.
  • Go to the template tab.
  • Find the script used by that address [ eg:- ].
  • It will be like <script src="" /> [scriptcode varies according to the link ]
  • Delete that script.
  • Save your template.
If you can't find the address [ eg:- ] On template tab then try finding the address on the Layout tap (HTML/JavaScript). After that delete that script and save.

And If you are using any other website services, please follow these steps :

  • Find the source code of your website.
  • Find that script used by that address.
  • Delete that script.
  • Save.
  • You are done.
To avoid this problem, it would be better if you host the code yourself.
You also can make a script its very easily on Yourjavascript and Google Code .

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